Monday, 29 September 2008

Special Awards

Look at these beautiful awards that someone special sent to me. Ms Brittany , , This first one was bequethe some time ago and I am now posting it. I'm so sorry it is late but isn't beautiful? The Wylde Woman Award
Here are the rules:

Be sure to link it back to the kind sole that gave it to you.

Purpose of award is to send love and acknowledgment to who brightens your day. They teach new things and live life with generosity and joy.

Send to as many people as you choose. I'll be passing these at the end of the second award. Thanks you so much Brittany you are a true friend!
I have seen this one being passed around and thought it was right up my isle....can you say CHARGE?
Ms Brittany gave me this one over the weekend. You should really check out her esty shoppe.
The rules for this beauty are as follows:

Link back to sender

Foward to any number of special people.

Send to someone from another country.

Here are my special friends:





Friday, 26 September 2008

Treasures from Val

Take a gander at all these treasures Val, my swap partner,sent to me! We were in Amy's Halloween swap, Four sisters in a cottage. These little pumpkins are so cute!Lookie at this dish towel. It's already in my kitchen and I dare any dirty hands to touch it!
Val sent me the nicest Halloween clipart I have ever seen. Look out solder iron.
Look at these beautiful vintage cones I will be using as special treat holders. Val does a festive table for her kids. Wish I was a there to see that.

This is darling cat box. He might have to stay out all year.
I know I will be fighting my sister to keep this special pumpkin.
I have never seen anything so cute as this jar of crochet eyeballs. It makes me laugh just to look at it.
These napkins "ROCK" and the cupcake picks will be used only for special treats.
Val treated me like a queen! I'm so lucky to have had her as my swappy and now I have a special cyber friend..............did I say special?! Thanks so much and Happy Halloween!